Is Your Professional Service Firm  Generating Leads And Accelerating Your Profits?

The Profit Accelerator is a copywriter who writes emails, ads and other marketing materials designed to generate sales leads for your Professional Service Firm.

We Specialize in ‘The Shebang Copy Hub™, E-Newsletters and White Pages for B2B Professional Service Firms.

Before I show you those products.

You need a B2B Lead Generation copywriter who can do more than write well. The Profit Accelerator can:

  • Give small businesses, global brands and startups a clear, compelling voice.
  • Help businesses get more from their websites by turning visitors into customers.
  • Define Lead Generation strategies and put them into action.
  • Get inside the mind of the business buyer that appeals to their challenges, needs and interest.
  • Use the Key Influencers of B2B buying decision and use them to make your copy more persuasive.
  • Use the “Twin Pillars of B2B Persuasion” to make your copy strong and effective.
  • Make Your B2B Copy more persuasive by touting the differences and building belief.

If you need a writer for any kind of project – or if you need help defining your tone of voice, brand messages, content strategy or keywords – we can help. You’ll get a fixed-price quote for the work you need, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

 The Shebang Copy Hub

What is ‘The Shebang Copy Hub™’? • It is a comprehensive document that contains all relevant marketing messages and statements about a product or service. Its purpose is to serve as the “master messaging document” for that product or service. • Once completed, it becomes the springboard from which you can write all the collateral marketing pieces connected to that product or service. • By working from a What is ‘The Shebang Copy Hub™ you assure that all of your marketing pieces have a very consistent voice and message. • Repetition builds reputation! • This is a much better approach than creating marketing pieces on a “make it up as you go” basis. Who is Ideal for this product? There are three situations that are typically a really good match for a The Shebang Copy Hub™. • The first one is confused and disorganized companies. • The second one is large B2B companies that are launching a new product for which there is no existing messaging. • The third is small B2B companies with limited budgets. If your firm would benefit from The Shebang Copy Hub™ then contact me for a free Phone or Skype Consultation.

 E-Newsletters or Ezine

What are the benefits of an E-newsletter for a Professional Service Firm:

  • Increase Lead Generation And Cross Selling.
  • Increase Client Lifetime Value.
  • Provide A Low-Cost, Instantaneous Channel For Sending Messages.
  • Position Your Clients As Thought Leaders And Innovators.
  • Open Up A Two-Way Dialogue With Clients And Prospects.
  • Hypercharge Existing Marketing Efforts.
  • You could even save money by stop spending on advertising that is commonly inferior to the results of an E-Newsletter. Learn more.

If you are ready to save money on your advertising and increase your Leads then contact The Profit Accelerator.

White Papers

What Are White Papers Used For? They’re typically used to market or sell complex or high-priced products and services – specifically products and services that involve multiple decision makers, require a detailed evaluation of options, and have multiple steps in their selling process, in other words, products and services that just don’t sell themselves. A white paper can have several different objectives. Let me give you a list of some typical objectives that a white paper can have:

  • An objective of a white paper could be to generate leads in a direct mail or advertising campaign.
  • It could be, as I said earlier, to use as a sales tool in sales presentations.
  • It could be to use as a handout at tradeshows.
  • Or the objective of a white paper could be to help turn website visitors into new leads and inquiries.
  • A white paper objective could be to use it as the basis for a speech or a presentation. Then the white paper becomes a handout to the audience.
  • It could be to rapidly build awareness about a new technology or a new methodology within the industry because the more accepted and understood a new technology or new methodology is, the more comfortable customers feel about buying the product or service associated with it. In fact, that’s one of the main objectives that companies have for writing a white paper. Learn more.